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Saiunkoku Fic Exchange results.

I'm fairly ill and considered putting this off for a day, but thought that really wouldn't be fair ^_^. If I've made a mistake please let me know, I've double and triple checked everything, however, my brain is completely clogged up with flu and really isn't working all that well when it comes to thinking (Or walking. Or standing. Stupid body.)

Firstly, a big congratulations to our fabulous winner of the challenge, the wonderful thierrys, whose story Rokunen Mae won many of us over. I'll be getting in contact with you over the next day or so, Thierrys, but if you want to have another look at the doujinshi and which one you would like as your prize, the list is here: - I've brought several other Shuuei/Kouyuu since that list went up that I can upload pictures of if you like!

Mulberry Leaves by dhaunea

Manjuu Magic by beyondthemoor

Red Light Adventure by kyraensui

Untitled Kouyuu/Shuurei by visenya

Untitled Shouka/Shunkun by vuireen

Silence by cairnsy

Behind a Closed Fan by trixie_chick

Lost and Found by aishuu

In Which Seiran is Confused and Shuuei Saves the Day by aya1412

Black Wolf Rising by iced_wine

The Secret Garden by lazulisong

Heart of the Matter by jain

Lost and Found (Shuuei/Kouyuu) by trixie_chick

Long Nights and Many Dreams by katharos_8

Summer Wedding by grey_damaskena

Cusp by sparrow_wings

Wind Carries Deep by kyraensui

Bit thanks to all participants, the overall quality of the stories was amazing! We only had one drop out, which is fantastic. I would especially like to extend warm thanks to Trixie and Kyraensui, who pinch-hitted and did a fabulous job twice over!
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